Expand your knowledge of how to move the body with ease

Have you spent more than your fair share of time in GYROTONIC® classes and feel you have what it takes to be an excellent teacher of the discipline? Or you would like to transition from private or semi private sessions to independent workouts? You can begin with GYROTONIC® Level I pre-training course.

While this course is design to prepare the students who want to teach GYROTONIC® Method, it is also can be intensive immersion workshop . Pre-Training courses are pre-requisites for those who are interested in becoming a certified instructor which leads to final Certification in the GYROTONIC® method. The basis of this course is to allow the student to experience the fundamental concepts and movements of the GYROTONIC® system in their own body and prepare for the GYROTONIC® Level I Teacher Training Program. Pre-Training courses are also immersions or intensive workshop-based courses that can help any serious GYROTONIC® practitioner understand the movements on a much clearer level in their own body. There is structure and logic in the progression of this course . The key concepts and principles of GYROTONIC® level 1 exercise syllabus are introduced step by step allowing the students experience a well rounded full body integrated modality . During normal sessions or classes , there just isn’t enough time to refine details to the level that may be needed, yet over time the refinements will happen. Pre-Training is an opportunity to accelerate you’re understanding in either a private or small group setting. If you are wondering if this course is right for you let me know.

Pre training course in 2017 September 8,9,10, 15,16,17

Course Fee: $850

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