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What is GYROKINESIS® Method?

Once known as “Yoga for Dancers”, GYROKINESIS® exercise is an important component of the GYROTONIC® methodology, which is in fact Yoga in Motion.

While GYROKINESIS® exercise involves equipment; GYROKINESIS® exercise is practiced during floor classes using a mat and a stool. GYROKINESIS® exercise incorporates many key principles taken from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi, though it is not based on these or other specific exercise models.  You never hold a position for long but work at creating a fluid connection between the postures creating a dance that is invigorating and toning.

The effect of GYROKINESIS® exercise is an increased range of motion and coordination.  All of the movements take your joints through their full range of motion and increase strength and flexibility while providing a cardio workout similar to a brisk walk.

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