Experience 3-dimensional movement that is surprising , challenging and fun

The GYROTONIC® Method is the most unique exercise and rehabilitation program available. Its movement signature is circular motion that works to simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body. Unlike most conventional exercise machines where linear or isolated movements are performed, the GYROTONIC® Method emphasize multiple joint articulations without compression in circular motions. Special attention is paid to increased mobility and stability of the spine, resulting in a better-aligned and balanced body that is stronger, more flexible, and less prone to injury.

The origins of GYROTONIC® movement come from dance, gymnastics, yoga, swimming and tai chi, and many exercise professionals have described it as a breakthrough system for fitness and rehabilitative exercise.

There is always a new way to move, something more to learn, and something deeper to explore.

The GYROTONIC® Method changes the way you move in your daily life!
Feel refreshed, relaxed , and happy.
Never exhausted or broken down.

After GYROTONIC® session there is freedom and expansiveness in the body as joints function with more ease and muscles stretch to their greatest capability. And the workout, feels great!