Group Classes

GYROKINESIS® and Pilates Mat EXERCISE classes are the most affordable option for clients to participate in.

Group Classes

Group Classes include  GYROKINESIS® and Pilates Mat Exercise classes. There is no prerequisite to attend.

At Motionlab pdx, GYROKINESIS® and Pilates Mat group classes are designed to provide you with a safe, yet highly effective way to strengthen, stretch and streamline your body and improve performance in your daily life. Our classes are limited to 4 -6 people so we can guarantee that everyone gets attention they need. The majority of our Mat Classes are mixed level.  Our instructors are skilled at teaching to mixed level audiences so beginners will feel confident and advanced clients will feel challenged.




6:30 pm – 7:30pm

gain strength, support and flexibility without strain.


Some Pilates exercises can be hard on the neck. In this class we will focus on strengthening the core without neck, shoulder or back strain.  Moving the spine, opening up the chest and strengthening the back will improve posture and relieve neck and shoulder tension.  This class will be a full body workout  that is mindful of postural imbalances created in modern life. You will be surprised that exercise can feel so good and be so effective! Pilates can be modified to be both gentle and challenging enough for everyone, from a sedentary person who hasn’t exercised much to a top level athlete, and everyone in between. Everyone can benefit and with consistent work you will  build tone, release tension, improve breathing, body awareness and feel the results impacting your life in positive ways. 

$ 75 -5 classes package, $ 20 drop -in.




This is a SUPER FUN cardio class and how cool to get your cardio on all while laying down!Using the jumpboard attachment  on Pilates Reformer and GYROTONIC Jumping  Stretching Board machine allows you to jump while lying down, getting all the benefits of jumping without any negative aspects of impact. We will also use a mini trampoline to jump while standing and still having no harsh impact on joints. This class will get your heart rate up & challenge your cardiovascular system while strengthening the legs, glutes and core. It is as fun as it is challenging and you can go at your own pace so it’s great for everyone, even those with osteoporosis.

Class is limited to 3 people.

$35 drop-in.






11 am -12:15 pm

GYROKINESIS® is a fluid non-weight-bearing yoga for the spine and focuses on opening up the joints and muscles from the inside outward, through movement.

Starting in a seated posture, the class warms up with gentle spinal motions in all directions: arching, curling, spiraling, & tilting, utilizing an active breath to slowly deepen the action. Adding in the legs and then moving to the floor, the class gets in touch with every part of the body with a focus on expansion through strength in the core.

GYROKINESIS®, as the non-machine format of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, is gentle enough for a non-mover, yet can work deep enough for a very active individual, providing an excellent form of cross-training for dancers and non-dancers.

$ 75 -5 classes package, $ 20 drop -in


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