Basja Samuelson, 69

Honestly, I cannot imagine my life without Yelena and gyrotonic. Over the past six years, it has become essential to my well-being. Old leg and foot injuries from a car accident prevent me from enjoying the usual activities of walking and gym-type exercises. In GYROTONIC®, the unique equipment allows me a feeling of freedom.

Yelena gives all her clients the best attention they have ever received in their whole lives (I’m sure). She focuses 100% on each person as an individual, analyzes your strengths and limitations, and always asks you to put forth greater effort.

As with any “practice” it requires making a commitment, and over time I have become stronger and my balance has improved … even recovering fully after a scary and painful bout of sciatica a few years back.

Yelena has a “hands on” teaching style that is really special. I love her Russian accent, and feel so fortunate to have an on-going relationship with her.

Plus, it’s FUN (well, usually)