What is Mat Pilates and why should you do it?

Mat Pilates is performed on the ground using a Pilates mat, often alongside other equipment including Therabands, Magic Circles and Pilates balls.

A Mat Pilates workout is no doubt challenging, but it provides a fantastic opportunity to tone and condition the deeper muscles of the body. The classes provide a full body workout. An instructor will guide you through conditioning exercises for the entire body in particularly the abdominals, arms, legs and glutes.

Mat Pilates lengthens and tones the body, however it is not only beneficial for the superficial outcome, but for learning how to use the correct muscles to avoid injury.

Mat Classes at Motionlabpdx are a wonderful way to practice Pilates in a group setting at a reasonable rate. Our mat classes are limited to 6 students to ensure the best possible teaching to everyone in the class. Everyone receives corrections for ultimate form and benefit!! This SPRING, Solar Jean, our Pilates expert will focus on strengthening the core without NECK, shoulder or back strain:

Some Pilates exercises can be hard on the neck. In this class we will focus on strengthening the core without neck, shoulder or back strain. Moving the spine, opening up the chest and strengthening the back will improve posture and relieve neck and shoulder tension. This class will be a full body workout that is mindful of postural imbalances created in modern life. You will be surprised that exercise can feel so good and be so effective! Pilates can be modified to be both gentle and challenging enough for everyone, from a sedentary person who hasn’t exercised much to a top level athlete, and everyone in between. Everyone can benefit and with consistent work you will build tone, release tension, improve breathing, body awareness and feel the results impacting your life in positive ways.”

Mat Class Costs:

$20 per class

$75 for 5 classes

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