GYROKINESIS® Introductory Class Saturday May 2 1:30-2:30 $15

Expand your knowledge of how to move the body with ease.

  • Learn the basics of the Gyrokinesis Method
  • Mobilize your Spine with 3-dimensionalmovement
  • Gently Open your Shoulders and Hips
  • Strengthen Your Core
  • Integrate breath and movement
  • Leave feeling OPEN  , ENERGIZED and balanced
  • Detoxify, restore, and refresh

Flowing through yoga like forms, GYROKINESIS movements use circular and spiraling motion patterns that gently enliven and strengthen all of the systems of the body.


Narrowing the pelvis. Many forms of exercise have names for stabilizing the spine. In  the GYROKINESIS® method we call this “narrowing the pelvis;” in yoga “mulabanda;” in physical therapy  “draw the belly in”. “Narrowing” consists of and isometric contraction of the core stabilizers such as the transverses abdominis, pelvic floor and multifidi to elongate the spine while supporting the pelvis. The image of narrowing activates pelvic floor muscles that draw the bones of the pelvis closer to each other, which will naturally promote a lengthening of the spine up and away from the pelvis.

Arch &Curl the first movements you learn sitting on the stool.
Gravitational forces pull us down and inward, toward spinal flexion and internal organ compression. The GYROKINESIS® Method opposes these natural gravitational forces by working in opposition between flexion and extension to create a more ideal posture and a more balanced body.

Breathing  in GYROKINESIS® exercise.
Breath creates movement, and movement creates breath; by working synergistically, we experience a sense of revitalization. Matching breath to each movement allows us to generate and rejuvenate our body’s energies. We pull in energy as we inhale, and release energy as we exhale. It’s a constant give and take that nourishes and lubricates our joints and muscles rather than overtaxing, exhausting and drying them.

Moving with rhythm and flow in GYROKINESIS® class.
Rhythm keeps stagnation from settling into the body. As we move, rhythm helps us get out of our analytical minds and our distracting thoughts, which stop or stagnate movement. Rhythm allows us to listen to our intelligent bodies.

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