Expand your knowledge of how to move the body with ease

Have you spent more than your fair share of time in GYROTONIC® classes and feel you have what it takes to be an excellent teacher of the discipline? Or you would like to transition from private or semi private sessions to independent workouts? You can begin with GYROTONIC® Level I pre-training course.

While this course is design to prepare the students who want to teach GYROTONIC® Method, it is also can be intensive immersion workshop . Pre-Training courses are pre-requisites for those who are interested in becoming a certified instructor which leads to final Certification in the GYROTONIC® method. The basis of this course is to allow the student to experience the fundamental concepts and movements of the GYROTONIC® system in their own body and prepare for the GYROTONIC® Level I Teacher Training Program. Pre-Training courses are also immersions or intensive workshop-based courses that can help any serious GYROTONIC® practitioner understand the movements on a much clearer level in their own body. There is structure and logic in the progression of this course . The key concepts and principles of GYROTONIC® level 1 exercise syllabus are introduced step by step allowing the students experience a well rounded full body integrated modality . During normal sessions or classes , there just isn’t enough time to refine details to the level that may be needed, yet over time the refinements will happen. Pre-Training is an opportunity to accelerate you’re understanding in either a private or small group setting. If you are wondering if this course is right for you let me know.

Pre training course in 2017 September 8,9,10, 15,16,17

Course Fee: $850

What is Mat Pilates and why should you do it?

Mat Pilates is performed on the ground using a Pilates mat, often alongside other equipment including Therabands, Magic Circles and Pilates balls.

A Mat Pilates workout is no doubt challenging, but it provides a fantastic opportunity to tone and condition the deeper muscles of the body. The classes provide a full body workout. An instructor will guide you through conditioning exercises for the entire body in particularly the abdominals, arms, legs and glutes.

Mat Pilates lengthens and tones the body, however it is not only beneficial for the superficial outcome, but for learning how to use the correct muscles to avoid injury.

Mat Classes at Motionlabpdx are a wonderful way to practice Pilates in a group setting at a reasonable rate. Our mat classes are limited to 6 students to ensure the best possible teaching to everyone in the class. Everyone receives corrections for ultimate form and benefit!! This SPRING, Solar Jean, our Pilates expert will focus on strengthening the core without NECK, shoulder or back strain:

Some Pilates exercises can be hard on the neck. In this class we will focus on strengthening the core without neck, shoulder or back strain. Moving the spine, opening up the chest and strengthening the back will improve posture and relieve neck and shoulder tension. This class will be a full body workout that is mindful of postural imbalances created in modern life. You will be surprised that exercise can feel so good and be so effective! Pilates can be modified to be both gentle and challenging enough for everyone, from a sedentary person who hasn’t exercised much to a top level athlete, and everyone in between. Everyone can benefit and with consistent work you will build tone, release tension, improve breathing, body awareness and feel the results impacting your life in positive ways.”

Mat Class Costs:

$20 per class

$75 for 5 classes

Upcoming Classes

BODHI Suspension Class

Bringing the precision and movement principles of Pilates to suspension training

Saturday October 15 @ 9am-10am, $25
Saturday October 22 @9am -10am ,$25

1d1134bf-72c7-4cd7-860a-7eed029815f2If you haven’t tried it, you really should. 

The Bodhi Suspension System a dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility and proprioception and combines it with all the wonderful principles from Pilates.

With two independent ropes and four suspension points,
The Bodhi gives you more fitness challenges than any other suspension system.

Gravity + Body Weight in Motion = Fast Results!

If you are interested in strengthening your core, this is a great way to accomplish that goal!

This small group class is only have 3 spots registration required. You get loads of attention from the teacher, maximizing  your results, along with the social buzz of a group class.

0eb072e7-30e3-4f3d-85c5-402597e8047cThe Bodhi Suspension System® was created by a Pilates teacher,  Khita Whyatt, as a tool to help her heal her body following the brain trauma she suffered in a car accident which left half her body paralyzed. She wanted to find a way to engage with the muscles controlling her reflexes, even though she could not consciously feel or contract them, and found success with ropes to move her body in and out of alignment with gravity. She named her system Bodhi,which means “to awaken”.


NEW time, Saturdays @11-12:15

Stand taller, feel energized, and notice fewer aches and pains
$15 per class, when you purchase 4 class package, $ 20 drop in
All levels are welcomed . This class is ongoing.


GYROKINESIS® – this exercise technique is definitely off of the beaten path of commercialized fitness trends, but don’t let its obscurity fool you.
You are not going to experience “I’m going to die” feeling of a spin class or a “I won’t be able to walk the next day” wince of a boot camp, but your body would felt like it have done some intense internal work to stretch, lengthen, and tone all over.

Motionlab PDX featured as one of Carrie Brownstein’s top picks

Carrie Brownstein’s Portland: The Best Places to Eat and the Coolest Things to Do

Carrie Brownstein recently published a guide on MarieClaire.com of her favorite places in Portland and Motionlab PDX made the cut!

For an Intense Workout:

I like Motionlab PDX for their GYROTONIC® classics. They are taught by a former Russian ballerina who is not afraid to make things tough on you.

To see the full list click here

It feels like muscle pain, but unlike a tight hamstring that makes you yelp when you stand up, your ache isn’t triggered by a particular movement, and you can feel it in different places at various times. The culprit could be your fascia .

Fascia is cotton candy-like connective tissue that glues us together.

orangeTo get a better picture of what fascia looks like inside your body, consider an orange. After you’ve peeled the entire orange, the fuzzy white pith keeps every individual slice together and keeps the entire fruit whole all at once. The deeper fascia acts in a similar way, differentiating each muscle group by its function, but also connecting the structures to each other.

Don’t Let the Tissues Get “Crunchy”

If you’ve ever had a shoulder rub and heard something that sounded like crinkling plastic under your skin, that wasn’t your imagination—it was probably your parched, stiffened fascia, our fascia is pretty similar to a sponge, When a sponge dries out it becomes brittle and hard. When a sponge is wet and well hydrated it is springy and resilient.

spongeHappy fascia is fluid. It’s springy and strong.

What are some risks associated with a dehydrated fascial system?

Dehydrated fascia doesn’t glide as well, and the increased friction signals the release of inflammatory chemicals, which lay down a gluey material. Hence, fascial adhesions, that feel kind of crunchy.This is one of the reasons most injuries are fascial. If we get “dried out” we are more brittle and are at much greater risk for erosion, a tear, or a rupture.

How to keep your fascia hydrated ? ( part 1)

One way to keep the fascia hydrated is obvious: drink lots of fluids. But sometimes it is not enough to untangle those gluey bits from soft tissue. Seeing a body worker who specializes in any form of myofascial work like Rolfing or Structural Integration will do the trick, but you can also work on your own fascia with self fascia-loving system, The Melt Method.

glassMelt away pain and stiffness with The Melt Method.

MELT Method is a self-treatment technique designed to simulate manual therapy. It is self-massage! What it does is rehydrate the connective tissue and quiet the nervous system which has been scientifically proven to prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Using specialized hand and foot treatment balls you can learn how to self-treat in your own home or office to maintain a healthy, pain-free active life.

Clinical research shows that MELT significantly reduces non-specific, chronic low back pain, increases flexibility, and decreases connective tissue thickness.

OCTOBER 4th 12 pm , SUNDAY

Show Your Body Some Love with Melt 90 min introductory Experience all of the techniques in New York Times best selling book The MELT Method in an interactive and personalized environment. PLUS get a personalized consult from Advanced MELT Method Instructor, Lucero Barry to create your at-home Daily Self-Care MELT Plan.


In this workshop:

  • identify where you have stuck stress in your body, a major cause of chronic aches and pains
  • use the MELT Hand & Foot Treatment, a unique indirect treatment for your whole body safely and effectively decompress your own neck and low back.

Open your breath and expand your life

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”
-Andrew Weil


I just want to take a really deep BREATH.

I feel I can’t get enough air – there is a tightness in my CHEST.

There are moments I have to hold back tears.

I feel constantly overwhelmed.

Breathwork the most powerful physical, emotional +psychological healing mechanism, RIGHT beneath our noses waiting to be explored; yet we rarely give it more than a passing thought.

“BREATHWORK can energize you better than a Red Bull, put you to sleep BETTER than an Ambien. They are the No. 1 antidote for stress: lowering your blood pressure, cortisol, and neutralizing your acidity in minutes.”
-Dr. Belisa Vranich

Sunday , July 12, 4pm -5:15 pm

Open your breath and expand your life

Class begins with stretching and gentle movement warm-ups, to get the body ready to sit. We will focus on breathing sequences set to a musical score. The rhythm and tone of each melody in these sequences is designed to resonate with the specific timing and intention of breathing patterns . Harmonic synchrony of breathing and music adds new dimension to the meditative breathing experience.


Active meditation is DYNAMIC. It requires forceful breathing and determination. Though you are sitting or lying down, it requires that you push yourself just like you do at the gym. The rule in active meditation is that you get out of it as much as you put in.


The breathing class is a lung workout. It exercises your diaphragm, intercostals muscles and if practiced regularly can positively affect your lung capacity and velocity (the two factors considered when looking at “lung age”). Increased blood flow to the brain and body have significant physical impact on your wellbeing. Moving more oxygen through your brain and body has a host of health benefits.


Because of the increased oxygen flow and intense relaxation that automatically happens to your body afterwards, active meditation helps you “let go” of feelings of anger and sadness – feel “unstuck” mentally.

GYROKINESIS® Introductory Class Saturday May 2 1:30-2:30 $15

Expand your knowledge of how to move the body with ease.

  • Learn the basics of the Gyrokinesis Method
  • Mobilize your Spine with 3-dimensionalmovement
  • Gently Open your Shoulders and Hips
  • Strengthen Your Core
  • Integrate breath and movement
  • Leave feeling OPEN  , ENERGIZED and balanced
  • Detoxify, restore, and refresh

Flowing through yoga like forms, GYROKINESIS movements use circular and spiraling motion patterns that gently enliven and strengthen all of the systems of the body.


Narrowing the pelvis. Many forms of exercise have names for stabilizing the spine. In  the GYROKINESIS® method we call this “narrowing the pelvis;” in yoga “mulabanda;” in physical therapy  “draw the belly in”. “Narrowing” consists of and isometric contraction of the core stabilizers such as the transverses abdominis, pelvic floor and multifidi to elongate the spine while supporting the pelvis. The image of narrowing activates pelvic floor muscles that draw the bones of the pelvis closer to each other, which will naturally promote a lengthening of the spine up and away from the pelvis.

Arch &Curl the first movements you learn sitting on the stool.
Gravitational forces pull us down and inward, toward spinal flexion and internal organ compression. The GYROKINESIS® Method opposes these natural gravitational forces by working in opposition between flexion and extension to create a more ideal posture and a more balanced body.

Breathing  in GYROKINESIS® exercise.
Breath creates movement, and movement creates breath; by working synergistically, we experience a sense of revitalization. Matching breath to each movement allows us to generate and rejuvenate our body’s energies. We pull in energy as we inhale, and release energy as we exhale. It’s a constant give and take that nourishes and lubricates our joints and muscles rather than overtaxing, exhausting and drying them.

Moving with rhythm and flow in GYROKINESIS® class.
Rhythm keeps stagnation from settling into the body. As we move, rhythm helps us get out of our analytical minds and our distracting thoughts, which stop or stagnate movement. Rhythm allows us to listen to our intelligent bodies.

Get Your Glutes ON – Special Workshop



Get Your Glutes ON


Special Workshop


Sunday, February 22
11 am-12:15 pm ,$20

This 75-minute workshop will include a quick anatomical overview, glutes activation assessment, and a practice that focuses on movements that can awaken and strengthen the glutes for better balance and a pain-free body.

  • you’ll experience less tightness in hip flexors, hamstrings, or low back.
  • you’ll probably notice that your balance practice in yoga will get better.
  • you’ll find more power when you’re running hills, and walking.
  • Plus, to state the obvious: A firm, lifted butt is seriously sexy.

“It has been a well-kept secret that
Pilates is one of the best forms of
exercise to strengthen and target the glutes and is something that is sought
by athletes in the vast majority of sports.”


Please sing up in advance here

Do You Have Butt Amnesia?

Which number are you ?

1. Chronic tight/cramping calf muscles. You foam roll/stick your calves regularly but they keep getting tight.

2. Chronic tight/cramping hamstrings. Regular deep tissue massage and foam rolling provided some relief, but the tension returns.

3. When planking, doing pushups and squatting, you cannot hold the correct form. (Have someone video tape you if you are not sure).

4. Chronic hip/low back pain, SI joint pain has kept you getting chiropractic adjustments and massage but with no long term relief.


If you find yourself in one or more of the above scenarios, you may have “gluteal amnesia”,  a condition in which the glutes can become inhibited.

When your glutes are inhibited (not functioning properly) for whatever reason, the brain will find a substitute muscle to perform their function. If this pattern is allowed to remain in the motor control center, dysfunction and pain will follow.

There are a few reasons why the glutes could shut down.

While the biggest reason why the glutes shut down is due to inactivity, research shows that the glutes can become inhibited with just about any lower body or spinal injury.

How  many  of you   have stubbed your toe? This inhibits the glutes. How  many  of you  have sprained an ankle? Glute inhibition. Hurt your knee or your hip? Pulled a groin or hammy? Fell on your tailbone? Experienced sciatica? Tweaked your low back? All of these injuries decrease glute activation.


Unsure of how to strengthen the glutes specifically?

sign up for the workshop here

Special Classes For You This December

Have some holiday fun on us!




Motionlab  would like to wish our truly great clients the very best during this time of year.Be safe, be healthy and have fun!Oh, speaking of fun –  hope you can have a break from the holiday hubbub and  join us for NUTRITIONAL class Saturday, December 13 and  special complementary GYROKINESIS class , Tuesday, December 30th!





Nutritional Class
Saturday , December 13


Don’t Let The Holidays Ruin Your
Health Goals

It’s holiday time!  This is when we are all tempted (even me) to indulge and eat too many things that taste good but make us feel bad.  Then, of course, we promise ourselves to go into food rehab right after the holidays.  But what if you could enjoy the holidays, have amazing food and not be smothered in mounds of sweets and cakes and heavy foods that give you that momentary pleasure that you immediately regret.

If you are looking to get healthy and stay healthy through the holidays and need extra support, I encourage you come to HOW TO BEAT HOLIDAYS CRAVINGS Nutritional Class, presented by Alex McMahon  a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from Evolve Nutritional Therapy, evolvenutritionaltherapy.com

What You Will Learn:  
  • What Causes Cravings
  • The  3 Types Of Food Cravings
  • What Your Cravings Are Signs Of
  • Healthy Foods to Curb Cravings
  • What Specific Nutrients Can Help
  • Tips for Social Events
  • How to Beat The Hangover



“I saw people in my life who suffered from the same challenges that I had before changing how I ate, and began talking about the profound changes in my own life and the science behind removing processed foods and eating in alignment with nature.”

Alex McMahon.






Complementary Gyrokinesis Gratitude class

Tuesday , December 30th, 6pm – 7:15 pm
In appreciation of your long -standing loyalty to Motionlab and your love of the GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS exercise methodologies ,we would like to invite you to a complementary GYROKINESIS class.