About Us

Welcome to Motionlab pdx, a holistic movement studio ofering GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, and Pilates instruction for all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. We specialize in cultivating unique mind-body exercise programs that serve our clients with a challenging, yet enjoyable workout experience.

Our studio, nestled in Portland’s Hollywood District since 2011, is an inviting space where everyone is welcome!

Our Philosophy:

Movement is a fundamental sign that we are alive. The intention of fitness and exercise is to move and stimulate every part and system of the body so that the whole body can have a greater expression of life.

An exercise program should be intelligent, dynamic, joyful, and promote good health. Exercise should not painful or punishing. It should be enjoyed and feel good! We balance education and exercise to benefit the health and wellbeing of our clients. And our clients look forward to each and every session or class that they have with us.

We love teaching new exercises to provide clients with an interesting experience filled with variety, but we also work clients through the necessary repetitions to build up stamina and strength. We strive to educate our clients about their bodies and how to exercise in an intelligent way. We are dedicated to being at the service our clients and providing them with a studio that is warm, inviting, and filled with positive energy.

Our Space:

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest GYROTONIC® equipment, including two GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers, Leg Extension, Jump Stretch Board, Arch Way, and GYROTONER®. We also offer two Pilates Allegro Reformers for our Pilates Training sessions. Each piece of specialized equipment has its own unique features and functions, providing an extensive range of movement options and resistance levels for the most efective workout experience possible.

Our Clients:

GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, and Pilates is appropriate for any age or ability. Whether you are 10 or 70 years old, in need of therapeutic work or a professional athlete. These programs are designed for anyone who needs rehabilitative work or to open up their body (i.e. from sitting at a desk or driving all day), and for anyone whose body takes a beating from other activities or sports and needs a complimentary exercise regimen that is restorative and balancing. And for anyone with joint problems, GYROTONIC® is especially supportive through use of the machines, which challenge the muscles and keep the body moving without forcing weight on the joints.

To fully appreciate and benefit from GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, or Pilates training, clients must be willing to reflect and reevaluate. They must want to be active in the process of learning and improving. They should be prepared to look for and value the subtle changes that the body can make, along with the big ones. We ask that are clients be dedicated to showing up for their lessons fully present and ready to see where they can go every week. To not set limits on what they are capable or doing or learning. And to be consistent and patient as lasting, sustainable results require dedicated practice.