Do You Have Butt Amnesia?

Which number are you ?

1. Chronic tight/cramping calf muscles. You foam roll/stick your calves regularly but they keep getting tight.

2. Chronic tight/cramping hamstrings. Regular deep tissue massage and foam rolling provided some relief, but the tension returns.

3. When planking, doing pushups and squatting, you cannot hold the correct form. (Have someone video tape you if you are not sure).

4. Chronic hip/low back pain, SI joint pain has kept you getting chiropractic adjustments and massage but with no long term relief.


If you find yourself in one or more of the above scenarios, you may have “gluteal amnesia”,  a condition in which the glutes can become inhibited.

When your glutes are inhibited (not functioning properly) for whatever reason, the brain will find a substitute muscle to perform their function. If this pattern is allowed to remain in the motor control center, dysfunction and pain will follow.

There are a few reasons why the glutes could shut down.

While the biggest reason why the glutes shut down is due to inactivity, research shows that the glutes can become inhibited with just about any lower body or spinal injury.

How  many  of you   have stubbed your toe? This inhibits the glutes. How  many  of you  have sprained an ankle? Glute inhibition. Hurt your knee or your hip? Pulled a groin or hammy? Fell on your tailbone? Experienced sciatica? Tweaked your low back? All of these injuries decrease glute activation.


Unsure of how to strengthen the glutes specifically?

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